Fossil Fuel Power Generation Plants

Fossil Fuel Plant-Penthouse & Expansion Joint Applications

The Luse Isomembrane© team mobilized within 24 hours after the utility called. We are known throughout the industry for our rapid response time. We are keenly aware that our ability to improve heat rate and increase megawatts is essential to the efficient operation of a plant and ultimately the utility's profitability.

The first problem we were asked to identify and correct was the source of flyash intrusion and air in-leakage in the penthouse. Inspection of the Penthouse revealed, excessive flyash and air flow issues around the tubes at the crown seals.

Crown Seal Tubes Crown Seal Tubes

After vacuuming, leakage issues were verified around the tubes.

Leaking around tubes 

The Isomembrane© system is an engineered, high temperature flexible ash tight seal. It is designed to stop air in-leakage and flyash intrusion around the tube penetrations at the crown seal. One of the primary features of this patented system is the short lead time and installation time required. The Isomembrane® system allowed this condition to be resolved immediately due to the short duration of the shut-down.

Isomembrane Flexible Ash Tight Seal

Next, we addressed a 650 MW Unit with significant damage on a Precipitator Outlet Duct expansion joint damage located just upstream of the I.D. Fan. As seen in the picture below, there was lagging damage and a tear 7-foot long and 2 foot wide. Our customer was pleased to learn the installation could be completed while the unit remained On-line. The Luse Isomembrane© team completed a functioning installation in less than 8 hours.  

Precipitator Outlet Duct expansion joint damage Repaired Joint Damage

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