You may want to read an article about Sealing Boiler Cracks once and for all. There is a lot of practical information on why air in-leakage issues should be addressed even when budget money is tight. The pay back is immediate and measurable when utilizing the Isomembrane© System to achieve the final results.


The Luse Team is the licensed provider of the patented Isomembrane® technology in the Midwest.  This is a proven, flexible high temperature solution for heat rate recovery. Luse has built a reputation for responding to our customers within 24 hours to bring our engineering expertise to bear on problems from the penthouse to expansion joints to cracked outer casings and other dead air space applications.

Isomembrane® is an elastic, multi-plane ashtight sealing system composed of refractory and specially designed insulation materials. This system has been installed and functioning for more than 16 years in North America, longer in Europe.

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