Luse Thermal Technologies

We have two groups operating under our LTT banner. 

Hot & Cold Mechanical Insulation Contracting

We are one of the oldest insulating contractors in the metro Chicago marketplace as well as the midwest. We pride ourselves on total readiness to tackle your capital improvement upgrades, modifications,new projects, turnarounds, outages, shutdowns, and maintenance projects. Whether large or small in size, we treat all projects as being extremely high value to you. Thus we bring our best practices to all customers on all projects. We cover the whole spectrum of markets--Nuclear, Fossil Fuel, Industrial, as well as commercial. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Design & Engineering
  • Scope & Project Planning
  • Cost Tracking and Documentation
  • Specification Writing Assistance
  • Heat Loss Analysis and Tracing
  • Sheet Metal Lagging
  • All specialty services or support customers request

This is all supported by a team of Project Managers who have extensive experience in the industry beginning with hands-on installation in their earlier years. This added field know how is just one of the ways our team insures your project stays on track, finishes on time, and all with no surprises on your end.

To learn more, please call Jim Markham at 630.862.2692 or email him at


Specialty Construction Services

There are currently three primary components within this group. First is our Isomembrane© offering. We are the licensed Midwest providers of this state of the art technology addressing heat rate recovery issues at fossil fuel plants--utility and industrial. This technology specifically addresses poor/low NOχ burner performance; high carbon in flyash or loss on ignition; overloaded ID fans; and much more.

Second is our Modular Fire Blast Barrier System (MFBBS) for transformer and other asset protection. This system has been tested for both impact and fire resistance. Our engineering team will assess your facilities vulnerabilities and issue a white paper for "your eyes only" with suggested resolutions. Our assessments take into account you current suppression systems, spray patterns, trench or dike systems, and other elements needed to protect your assets.

Third is industrial and utility firestop services. Our patented fire mitigation system has been demonstrated to substantially lower the costs associated with a fire event in a switchgear building. We do this by isolating and then compartmentalizing at the source point of the event. Our team will review your buildings and provide custom designed resolutions tailored to each building's needs. Our years of experience give us the ability to be flexible and adapt to your changing building conditions as opposed to a cookie cutter approach which may work in some of your assets but not others.

To learn more, please call John Provencher at 630.862.2665 or email:

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