The Luse Companies

The Luse Companies is one of the earliest members of Luse Holdings, Inc.. Our TLC Group has extensive experience since 1984 in the industrial, commercial, and residential environmental abatement markets. TLC is recognized and approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and the states of Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin. We have the capacity to bond and insure up to a $10,000,000 job thru an A rated carrier. Last, all our team members from installers to foreman to superintendent thru project management meet or exceed all OSHA & EPA requirements.

TLC provides commercial and industrial asbestos, mold, mercury, and lead abatement contracting services which includes the removal of vinyl asbestos tile and drywall compounds along with encapsulation, encasement, and remediation from surfaces such as:

  • Piping & Tanks
  • Boilers & Equipment
  • Ceilings & Building Structures
  • Structural Beams and Decks
  • Bridges 

Our experience cuts a wide swath thru industries like Power Generation, Petro & Process Chemical Plants, Refineries, along with commercial high rise, hospitals, and more.

To learn more, please call Jim Cholke at 630.862.2633 or email him at

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