Welcome to Amerisafe Group, our safety products and services company.

Amerisafe Group provides quality safety services for our clients nationwide across every industry. We are a team of companies that focuses on all aspects of safety. We provide an array of services including safety consulting, management, and training, onsite occupational health services, safety equipment rental, product distribution, safety and medical staffing and technical rescue.

Safety Consulting Services Safety Consulting Services

Our nationwide staff of Safety Professionals offers consulting, site safety management, program management, and training & instruction. Through our comprehensive safety management style, we have helped numerous companies across all industries eliminate hazards, train employees and comply with OSHA regulations by developing, managing, and implementing customized safety programs.

Technical Rescue Services Technical Rescue Services

Our nationwide network of Technical Rescuers provides confined space entry and non-entry rescue standby services and training. Additionally, Amerisafe provides all of our own rescue equipment necessary for each project location. These activities and services are tailored to the emergency preparedness needs of the client and the unique hazards at those sites.

Occupational Health Services Occupational Health Services

Our Medical Team offers job-site staffing, on-site drug and alcohol testing, and occupational nurse staffing.  Amerisafe can help streamline the medical services program to ensure a safe and healthy workforce.  Our nurses and medical staff are comprehensively trained to understand and treat injuries and do everything in our power to prevent them from becoming recordable.


We’ve got you covered! Let Amerisafe be your trusted partner when it comes to workplace health and safety.