{The Early Days}

In 1923, D. Claude Luse, "Uncle Claude," founded a small corkboard insulation importer and roofing contractor in Chicago. Through entrepreneurial drive, impeccable business acumen, and unwavering influence, Luse Contracting Group thrived in its early days. The craftsmanship of Luse graced many of Chicago's most iconic structures like the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, and the original Chicago Stadium, forever etching the Luse name in the city's skyline.

{Luse Enters Insulation Contracting Business}
Soon the young company began using corkboard in insulation applications beyond roofing. Luse was also an early mover in using many other insulation materials, and the company entered the mechanical insulation business, insulating piping and boilers on industrial job sites such as steel mills and oil refineries in Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

As time went on, the company's ingenuity knew no bounds. Expanding beyond roofing, Luse embraced the versatile potential of corkboard in other applications. They also pioneered the use of various other innovative insulation materials, venturing into the mechanical insulation business. Their expertise found a home in industrial landscapes, insulating piping and boilers across Chicago and Northwest Indiana, including the steel mills and oil refineries built during the Midwest industrial boom.

By the end of WWII, Chicago was doubling in population every decade, and Luse’s mechanical insulation contracting business moved into major commercial jobs, winning contracts for projects such as the John Hancock building, major hotels, and schools.

{Luse Environmental Services Established}

In 1985, Luse Environmental Services was formed, dedicated to environmental remediation contracting services. The company's expertise quickly encompassed a wide range of critical areas, including asbestos, lead, mold, and mercury abatement. As a trusted name, Luse became synonymous with safeguarding environments and ensuring the well-being of communities they served.