Finding Luse a reliable business partner, our clients have asked us to extend our expertise into several specialty markets. Our specialty contracting capabilities address our clients' plant efficiency needs.


  • Expansion Joint Repair
  • Nonmetallic Pipe Repair
  • Industrial Firestopping


  • Address NOX TOX Issues
  • Repair Expansion Joint / Duct Work Failure
  • Reduce Air In-Leakage / Dead Air Space Leakage


  • Power Generating Stations
  • Industrial Boiler Rooms
  • Manufacturing Facilities


LTT is a licensed provider of Isomembrane®, a patented technology addressing air in-leakage and expansion joint / duct work failures across a variety of industrial settings. The Isomembrane® technology provides a flexible, elastic, and ash-tight sealing system and serves as a long term solution to expansion joint and dead air space leakage challenges.

  • Online repairs
  • On-site fabrication


NRI® is a composite solution for use in repair and reinforcement of mechanical systems, structures and piping. This includes corrosion prevention and repair of up to 80% pipe wall mass loss. A custom formulated system, NRI® permanently bonds to most surfaces and is impervious to fuels, most chemicals, and solvents. 

  • Online repairs where conditions allow
  • Meets or exceeds PCC-2 requirements


FortiFire™ is our patented fire mitigation system with applications in industrial and commercial firestopping. The FortiFire™ system has been demonstrated to substantially lower the costs associated with a fire event in a switchgear building. 

  • Custom designed resolutions
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing building conditions


We pride ourselves on total readiness and are eager to be part of your next project. Let us survey your site issues at no charge, provide you options to review, and demonstrate why so many customers view us as their added value support team.

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