Steve Luse Honored

Steve Luse, Luse Thermal Technologies

National Insulation Association President, 2016-2017

Our 4th Generation CEO, Steve Luse, was honored in April 2017 at the National Insulation Association (NIA) industry convention in Phoenix, AZ. The association extended thanks to Steve for his year of service to the mechanical insulation industry. NIA is grateful to Steve for his thoughtful leadership and his dedication to NIA and the industry. All of the NIA members joined the association in thanking Steve and his wife Elaine as we celebrated his year as President in the final event of the annual convention.

Steve spent his year as NIA President demonstrating just how vital participation is to the continued success and growth of the insulation industry. Thanks to his vision and leadership, NIA held its first Young Professional Advisory Council meeting at this event, beginning the process of developing the future leaders of the industry. He also supported NIA through its website redesign process, which will allow the association to continue to spread knowledge and provide resources for the insulation industry for years to come.

"I just wanted to say what a great experience and pleasure it has been to travel this great country and to visit our friends up North in Canada and to meet all of the “new and old” voices of our industry. My wife Elaine and I were greeted with open arms at every regional gathering and at the Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (TIAC). I couldn’t be prouder of our industry and the folks that are involved in it. At every stop, I could see the passion with which people worked in and served this trade. I am confident and excited about the future of our insulation industry and the people that are involved in it."  -Steve Luse, CEO, Luse Thermal Technologies

Luse Thermal Technologies is a comprehensive, turnkey mechanical insulation contractor servicing hot and cold systems, including commercial and industrial piping, ductwork, and mechanical equipment. Our industry-leading solutions help mechanical systems operate at maximum capacity while conserving energy, offering immediate and long-term benefits.